The Schoenbaum Firm, PLLC

Focused Strategy and Thoughtful Counseling

The Schoenbaum Firm, PLLC provides legal services for businesses and professionals including business formation, contracts, strategy and dispute resolution. The firm also offers flat rate estate planning.  The firm values the importance of efficiency and quality that is critical for every entrepreneur and seeks to develop lasting relationships with clients to ensure their continued success.

Business Transactions and Strategy

The focus of the Schoenbaum Firm, PLLC's business practice is to ensure clients operate in a way that is most advantageous for growth and minimizes the risk of legal disputes. This means working on the front end with businesses to identify both risks and opportunities for growth. 

The firm offers services to protect your business and promote its growth including: strategy and growth planning, trademarks and copyright registration, contract drafting and negotiation for agreements such as service agreement, lease agreements, vendor agreements, independent contractor agreements, employment agreements and more.

When disputes do arise, the firm also assists clients in negotiating resolutions to issues such as breach of contract, property damage, misrepresentations and fraud, defamation, bad faith and unfair dealing, non-compete controversies, employer/employee matters and partnership disputes.


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